Harley Gepp

Harley's Services:

What he offers:

  • Specialises in sports performance and injury rehabilitation
  • Degree Qualified Myotherapist
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy)
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A few words from Harley:

Harley is a degree qualified Myotherapist with a passion for athletic performance and helping individuals to unlock their full potential. This passion stems from his career as a semi-professional soccer player for 13 years, having won state championships and individual awards. As a Myotherapist, he seamlessly merges his love for sports with his dedication to supporting others through rehabilitation.

By applying his knowledge as a semi-professional soccer player with his expertise as a Myotherapist, Harley offers his clients a unique advantage. He understand the intricacies of athletic performance, which enables him to tailor treatments to the specific needs of athletes and individuals aspiring to reach their physical best.

“Myotherapy has become my powerful modality for aiding clients with various pathologies and injuries. Through this specialised approach, I can provide targeted and holistic care that goes beyond traditional methods.”

His treatments involves assessing and treating musculoskeletal conditions through manual techniques, such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and stretching exercises. This approach allows the root causes of pain, dysfunction, and limited mobility to be addressed so that optimal athletic performance can be reached.

Harleys dual commitment to sports and rehabilitation underscores his mission to guide others on their journeys to recovery and personal excellence. Whether on the field or in the treatment room, his goal remains the same – helping his clients become the best versions of themselves.

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