Lachlan Mullen

Lachlan's Services:

What he offers:

  • Specialises in men’s Health
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Certified Buteyko Method Instructor
  • Naturopaths u0026amp; Herbalists Association of Australia
  • First Aid Level 1 u0026amp; CPR Certified
  • DCSI Working with Children
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A few words from Lachlan:

I first discovered the benefits of holistic medicine after being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, at just 20 years old. I was told there was no cure and wasn’t expected to live past two years. This led me down an integrated approach of both holistic and orthodox medicine.

Originally, I had little idea of what Naturopathy involved, but it soon became evident to me that it was a valuable practice. Not just for someone suffering a serious illness, but for anybody wanting to improve their mind, body and quality of life. So I decided to study Naturopathy, as I wanted to learn more about the factors that determine health and put these into practice.

I was receiving invasive cancer treatments yet bouncing back feeling better than ever. I became a firm believer in the holistic approach of addressing the root cause of illness through removing obstacles to heal and establishing the conditions for health.

I strive to live an optimal lifestyle every day and am passionate about working with and empowering others to take control and ownership of their situation, whether facing adversities big or small. Over a decade since my diagnosis, I am now passionate about providing complementary support to cancer patients throughout their journey, aiming to support them as an individual and improve their quality of life and vitality. I am also passionate about men’s health and empowering men to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

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